Service - Facebook & Social Development

We are a Symfony WEB Development team


Excedesoft is extremely dedicated to build high quality, robust and scalable web/mobile applications. We spend a great deal of effort on researching new technologies and trends, giving internal team training and certification, improving our existing processes based on standards, best practices and real experience.

Symfony framework has become the most powerful and best supported PHP Open Source Frameworks in the world, and of course, our strongest skill. With over 5 years of experience with this framework, we have built dozens of projects (they are mostly web apps, mobile apps, web services and APIs) ranging from middle to large size implementations.

Facebook Application and Widgets Development

Facebook apps development is different from the traditional web application development in that there is an extensive set of tools and data that can be used to create applications that people will appreciate and use repeatedly. A Facebook application should not be complicated or fancy - it should be one that allows users to express themselves & share with friends.

We have built complex Facebook and OpenSocial applications for many customers. These apps have helped to strengthen their sites and services, by helping to promote their business.

  • PHP
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Symfony
  • MySQL
  • GIT
  • NginxEs
  • Sphinx