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Common migration scenarios

CMS to WebApp

Many companies start their businesses by creating a simple web site with Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal CMSs, but as their site grows into a complex business driven application, they soon realize how CMS architecture is not meant to be extended too much. In order to add new features, the programmers spend more time figuring out how to hack the CMS than coding the feature it self. At this point the site code becomes very expensive to maintain.

Web enable databases

In today's world, almost every single office has an IT savy that manages to help to start a database of some sort (Microsoft Office MDB, Excel files, etc) to help with internal business processes. Quickly, this database will grow and become very important to the business. At this point, other department or people will start to request this data in different formats, so multiple levels of security are required, records are edited by multiple users at the same time causing problems, lack of proper backups and disaster recovery plan becomes a concern.

Symfony 1.x to 2

Many companies have smartly chosen Symfony 1.x to build their business critical applications, and they have benefited from the power of this awesome framework already, but they know they can get even more with Symfony 2 as it has matured into one of the most performant and secured PHP frameworks.

If you have reached this point, or foresee being in the same situation soon, you are ready talk to us about a smart and cost-effective migration.

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Migration Steps

Deciding to migrate and upgrade your existing application is the first step, but not an easy one because many technical questions appear rigth after, but the good news is that you don't need to be a Tech guru, we are here to assist you with this important decisions. Each business and environment is different, although we can and will give you a guide line of important considerations, strategic consulting is always required to leverage your investment.


We'll review and analyze your existing application to assets the current implementation, to identify dependencies and business features. We'll work together to completely understand your business needs.

Migration design

We'll start building a migration plan organized in phases. To start we'll focus in core business functions, data migration and architectural aspects.

Development and QA

Agile sprint start by following the migration design. Features are migrated one by one. Releases of 1 or 2 weeks are pushed into the stage environment for customer review.

Production time

After a few incremental releases, the candidate version can be put in production mode while

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