Excedesoft invest a lot of effort and time in internal training programs of various types. Each program aims to improve the coders skills as transferring knowledge and quality among projects.

Tech Sessions

At this classes, a technical leader trains the team in a very specific technology, how is integrated in the Symfony application, architectural decisions and shares previous experiences. During the time, the team discuss approaches to improve implementations.


This is a special space provided to our employees who wish to investigate an emerging technology. Excedesoft provides the time and material to perform a formal research. During this process, the employee documents how to use and implement the new technology in a specific project, evaluate risks and benefits, and prepares a presentation for a Brainshare session (described bellow).

Brainshare Sessions

These are weekly technical discussion conferences, where one of the employees or a full team, shares an real experience about some technology, methodologies, best practices, or laboratory. During this process, everyone is invited to expose different points to views.


We motivate our team to develop their careers, helping them with training, management skills and workshops, to get official certifications.

Symfony Community

Our continue contribution to the open source community, an initiative on our own, to help local professionals and universities to learn and exchange experiences about about Symfony, architectural concepts, best practices and more... Read our community page here.

English Classes

As a company, we believe that bringing support to our team on perfecting their English, we are giving them a valued and necessary contribution to their professional growth and development.

  • PHP
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Symfony
  • MySQL
  • GIT
  • NginxEs
  • Sphinx